Current Version: 1.2.3

Category: Utilities

Price: Free

“...simple but very useful addition to default calendar...”

- App Store review


The Main Screen

The main screen of Till has two functions:

  1. it allows you to select which set of events will be shown
  2. it allows you to tag one or more calendars as favorite

From here, you can also access the settings screen, as well as a screen that allows you to share Till with your friends. If you find this app useful, please share it with your friends 🙂

Events Section

In the Events section, tap on:

  • All – to see all events that are stored and/or synced to your device
  • Favorites – to see all events that you have favorites (see below). A favorite event does not have to be in a favorite calendar to show on this list
  • All in favorite calendars – events in all calendars that you have tagged as your favorite calendars

Calendars Section

In the Calendars section, you can tap on the name of any calendar to see all events in that calendar only.

If you double-tap on any calendar’s name it will be tagged as your favorite. Double tap again to un-favorite it.

Event List

Once you have selected which set of events you’d like to see, they are shown to you in a list format.

For each event, its name, number of days until the event, and event’s date and time are shown. This last item can be disabled in settings, making the height of each row smaller, so more events can fit on the screen at once.

Number of days until the event is the actual number of days, and not a number of 24-hour periods. So, if an event is to occur in two days at noon, Till will tell you there are 2 days until the event whether you check the app in the morning or in the afternoon.

Reoccurring Events

Events that are reoccurring can be shown once only, or every occurrence can be listed. This is controlled by a switch on Till’s settings screen.

Live Countdown

On the day of an event, unless it’s a whole day event like a birthday, you will see a live countdown to the time the event begins.

Favorite Calendars

Favorite Calendars view is probably the most useful view to work with. It gives you an overview of all your events in calendars that matter most to you.

This view can also be used to filter out noise.

For example, if you subscribe to a calendar that lists video game releases for your favorite platform, that calendar probably has few entries every single day. With so many events, others might get lost easily.

The solution is to favorite your other calendars, and only look at the video game release calendar when you want to.

You can find many interesting calendars to subscribe to on the internet. For example, check out iCalShare.com. Web sites for your favorite sports teams, schools, event venues, etc. might have a calendar you can subscribe to as well.

Favorite Events

To mark any even as your favorite, double tap it. Another double-tap will un-favorite it.

You see all your favorite events, regardless of calendar they are in, when viewing the Favorites screen.

This screen is most useful for looking at the most important events, or events that are far in the future.

Time Horizon

Till can show you events up to 5 years in the future.

However, if you have many events in your calendars, trying to show so many years worth of information may cause the app to run slower, or even run out of memory.

In order to prevent this from happening, you can change the maximum time period that Till will consider on the app’s settings screen.