Flashlight Always On has been submitted to the App Store

This app works best with iPhone 4, which has an LED light next to the back camera. On other devices, the app simply turns the screen white. Although not as bright, it still can be a useful source of light.

There are many flashlight apps on the App Store, but practically every one I tried had some drawbacks, which is why I decided to write my own.

I wanted a flashlight app that:

  • turns the light on as soon as the app is started
  • minimizes on screen areas that can cause the light to inadvertently go off when the phone is held “a wrong way”
  • has a preview and zoom capability

Hopefully these features will be deemed unique enough by Apple to include this app in the store.

I have also set up a page for Flashlight Always On which has more information about the app. (This page has been removed after the App was not admitted to the App Store).

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