Hello world!

I would like to welcome you to my new web site.

On these pages, I intend to share my knowledge of, and sometimes opinions about, various things relating to computers and technology.

I’ve spent the better part of the last 30+ years programming computers, improving systems, and taking things, both software and hardware, apart to find out how they work. I hope that those experiences can translate into content that you will find useful.

I’ve decided to divide this web site into the following sections:

  • My Apps – in this section I want to share with you apps and programs I have written and published
  • Blog – this section will contain articles of general interest. Commentary on recent Apple releases, quick tips on using particular online service, and my thoughts on net neutrality are good examples of what you will be able to find in the Blog section
  • Code – in this section, which will be added later, you will find code and libraries I intend to share
  • News – this section will contain news related to both, the apps I publish and this web site in general
  • Reviews – from time to time I will post a review of hardware, software, service or a gadget that I find particularly useful. You will be able to find those reviews in this section
  • Tutorials – the tutorials I intend to publish will cover general computer use, online services, and programming

Thanks again for visiting, and please come again.

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